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Client brief: Manage their current website and social media channels going forwards, create a strong social media presence, and increase traffic to their site.

Our work: We created a bi-monthly blog, varying between getting to know the team on a more human level (including some 'top tips' within these to increase and traffic), and thinking pieces that focused on industry news. These were distributed on social media channels and into relevant online groups and publications.

With their social media, we focused on their FB and LinkedIn pages, honing their voice through regular content that engaged their current audience and attracted new followers. On FB we shared weekly #toptips from the team and #weeklywins. The top tips shared the team's experience and insider insights, creating a sense of reliability and generosity. The weekly wins were a fun way of bringing humour and getting to know the team as human beings beyond their roles. With LinkedIn, we focused on creating and sharing more thought-provoking articles about their industry and current events.

Lastly, we were available to the team for ad-hoc requests such as creating e-flyers, HTML-coded mailers, or editing and managing their website.

Outcome: During the year and a half we managed their social media and their website, Ad Idem had a consistantly growing audience. Their traffic had increased to the point that they needed to set up internal distribution tools to cope. And when needed, Ad Idem had access to a writer and copy-editor, and graphic/web designer. They in fact turned to us to design and set up their sister site http://adexecinternational.com/


Please note: Due to the Covid-19 outbreak in March 2020, Ad Idem had to cancel their contract with us. 

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