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Welcome to our free guides. We hope you find them useful and they give you an insight into how we work and why we believe that creating clarity from inside out, and then aligning your work from that place of clarity, is so important. Please feel free to download, share with friends and colleagues, and use them in your work and with your teams or organisations.

You'll find two guides on our From Inside Out approach. The first is a brief two-page Bitesize version, requested by a business consultant as a helpful tool to refer to with their clients during coaching sessions. It's necessarily succinct, and only really allows us to scratch the surface. But, it's a great starting place.

If you find something in the bitesize version that tickles your fancy, we'd recommend taking the time to read through our original From Inside Out guide. It's length allows us to explore specific examples and how each area could be applied to your work and organisations.

Lastly, you'll find an overview of Design Thinking, a methodology that supports us all to be innovators and designers. There are numerous free courses on Design Thinking; and this guide would work best alongside one of those.

We're so excited about the practical - and un-practical - benefits of aligning work and organisations from inside out that we offer a complementary hour to anyone that wants to talk through their current work and see how what our From Inside Out approach could bring them.

Book your free hour with us here.

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