working with us

Our job is to:

1. Discover where your work is at and what your current needs, tensions, or goals are.

2. Support you to discover the way forward that makes the most long-term sense, whether that ends up being a new website (or an upgrade of your current one), a new brand portfolio (or an updated one), a logo tweak or creation, help with content writing or strategy, graphic design, or a design style guide to act as a starting point; or even creating a new look for your company's cycle jerseys.

3. Design and implement your next steps, engaging you in the design process so you benefit from the process and you have the tools and confidence to guide your brand and content going forwards.

4. And, if we can't help, do our best to point you in another direction.

We have four rules for our work:

We don’t know what’s right for you. Yet.
But we’ll bring all our curiosity, experience, and knowledge to work with you to find out what’s right for you.

We don’t design for design’s sake.
We believe every single word and design choice we make together should be useful and arising from your specific needs.

We don't ask our clients to do anything we haven't done for ourselves.
We are constantly clarifying and adjusting who we are and what we do so that we can align everything we do from inside out.

This whole thing should be fun.
Otherwise, we all might as well go and do something else.

Free stuff

We offer a free hour of our time to everyone. It's your chance to meet us and talk through your work. You never know, you might leave the hour with something helpful to think about. Book your free hour with us here.

We also have downloadable free guides that explore our From Inside Out approach and how to create more clarity and alignment in your work and organisations. Please feel free to download them and share them.

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