about us

In 2018 a successful web and graphics designer meet an incorrigible wordsmith who likes to get involved in everything. They fell in love and found that they worked well together. Out of this partnership, 17DM Creative was born. 

We're the core of 17DM. We may use a freelancer on your project, but when we do we always take creative control and only use the best.

We really like supporting entrepreneurial, creative and purpose-led people that are doing good in the world, either through personal projects or as part of an established organisation. We therefore offer discounted rates to not-for-profits and charities. If this is you, please do come and talk to us about our special rates.

‘While we each have our own areas of fascination - Wayne with technical and graphics, Anna-Marie with words and layout - we work together on everything’

Wayne Owens


Wayne has 20+ years’ experience in the print, graphics, and web design world.

He started 17DM Creative (previously 17 Digital Media) in 2012, working closely with every client to support their individual goals and to provide them with stylish, robust, and responsive bespoke websites that are forward-looking and include lovely little design gems throughout.

Truly able to turn his creativity towards any medium, Wayne also has a vast portfolio of beautiful and original graphics and print media that have featured in magazines and adorned sportswear to branded goods.

He gets the most pleasure out of being given a free rein to just design, knowing that he'll be able to give his clients the best design for their needs.

When not busy with 17DM projects, Wayne can be found deep within his workshop, mostly working with wood to give it a second life, whether as a custom-made electric guitar or a custom-designed piece of furniture. 

Anna-Marie Swan


Before meeting Wayne, Anna-Marie worked in the charity and not-for-profit world.

A constant word-tinkerer and writer who is happiest when deep in the midst of many creative projects, she is especially talented at supporting and grounding clients’ ideas and seeing them birthed into something that makes them go ‘Yes! Now that’s what I was looking for’.

Anna-Marie specialises in helping clients with their written content and the user experience (how a site flows), a process that can help clients clarify what they are offering/what their business is, and how to best put that into words or visuals.

She especially enjoys working with inspired female creatives and entrepreneurs looking to get a new project or business off the ground.

When not involved in 17DM work, Anna-Marie can normally be found working on various projects with people that are focusing on bringing good things into the world. She's also (mostly) thinking about the next thing she gets to eat.


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