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In 2018 a successful website and graphic designer met a writer who likes to get involved in everything and also has a life-long interest in finding clarity in our work and how people and organisations can work together better. They fell in love and out of this partnership, 17DM Creative was born.

Wayne Owens


Wayne has 20+ years’ experience in the print, graphics, and web design world.

He started 17DM Creative (previously 17 Digital Media) in 2012, designing stylish, robust, and responsive bespoke websites that are forward-looking and include lovely little design gems throughout.

Having trained in fine arts, Wayne also has a vast portfolio of beautiful and original graphics and print media that have featured in magazines and adorned sportswear to branded goods.

He gets the most pleasure when clients trust his experience in giving his clients the best design for their specifc needs.

Having spent his adult life in different bands, when not busy with 17DM projects, Wayne can now be found in his workshop, mostly working with found wood to give it a second life as a custom-made electric guitar or a one-off piece of furniture. 

Anna-Marie Swan


Before meeting Wayne, Anna-Marie worked in the charity and not-for-profit world.

Happiest when deep in the midst of creative projects, she is especially talented at supporting and grounding clients’ ideas and seeing them birthed into something that makes them go ‘Yes! Now that’s what I was looking for’.

Anna-Marie's speciality is helping clients with written content, clarifying and aligning their work from inside out, and how best to communicate clearly with the world from this place of clarity.

She is also ridiculously excited by how groups can work better together and create organisations that lift the human spirit.

When not involved in 17DM work, Anna-Marie volunteers with projects that inspire her, has a couple of books on the go, and can be found watching the local lizards potter about.


Tell us about your project and what you need to bring it into the world.

The Ethical Move
We're proud to be part of The Ethical Move towards manipulative-free marketing. We promise not to use tactics like implied or explicit scarcity, not to install Facebook Pixels (so that FB can specifically target our ads to you if you've visited any pages on our site, ever), and to keep reflecting on whether we are using manipulation tactics without meaning to. Check out https://www.theethicalmove.org/ to find out more and join the move towards a manipulation-free world.
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