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Client brief: Manage their current website and social media channels going forwards, create a strong social media presence, and increase traffic to their site.

Our work: We created a bi-monthly blog, which currently varys between a team member interview (so that people can get to know the team on a more human level, but we also include some 'top tips' each time, to increase value to their readers), and a thinking piece (focusing more on what's going on in their industry) which we then distribute on social media channels and, if relevent, into groups and online publications.

With their social media, we mostly focus on their FB and LinkedIn pages; having now created a strong 'Ad Idem' voice, we focus on posting regular content that we think will engage their audience: as well as new vacancies, we have focused on creating some differentiation between the two social media channels. On FB we share weekly #toptips from the team and #weeklywins. The top tips come from the team members and they're a way of sharing their experience and insider insights to their audience; again, we're always looking for ways to increase value for the audience. The weekly wins are a fun way of bringing humour and are a fun way of the audience getting to know the team as human beings beyond their roles. With LinkedIn, we focus on creating and sharing more thought-provoking articles about their industry and working life.

Lastly, we are also available to the team for any ad-hoc requests such as creating e-flyers, HTML-coded mailers, or adding new pages to their site.

Outcome: Ad Idem have a consistantly growing audience for their blog and think pieces, along with regularly updated FB and LinkedIn pages that are stylish and engaging. Their traffic has increased to the point that they are needing to set up internal distribution to cope. And when needed, Ad Idem have access to a writer and copy-editor, and graphic/web designer.




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