project breakdown

Client brief: As a head-hunter and consultancy and coaching service that works at the executive level, Aditum Advisory came to us wanting a website that would convey all the depth and trustworthiness of traditional values and extensive experience in this ‘world’, but would also be modern and appealing.

Our work: The client was wonderfully clear from the start that they didn’t want to have just another website full of ‘blah blah blah’ (we’re so great at doing this, we’re so great at doing that). We therefore needed to come up with a creative way for people that were looking at the site for the first time, and didn’t know the founder or the organisation, to ‘get’ the work they do in a way that didn’t come across as blowing their own trumpet.

To do this, we took the content down two specific routes: first, we created ‘case studies’ pages for each area of their work. These case studies formats are similar to the one I’m using here: client brief, what we did, outcome. The immediacy of this format means that we can bring users into the organisation’s ‘world’, their experience and successes, in a way that is concise and relevant. After that, we designed an About Me section that consistently directs users towards what their clients say and to the areas with the case studies.

As you’ll see on the Headhunting and the Consultancy and Coaching pages, we used an image-based grid layout to display the information in a refreshingly visual way. Again, this brings the emphasis away from a lot of text, while also grabbing the user’s attention and directing them to the key information.

The style of the site was born from Aditum Advisory’s already designed logo, which prominently features a horse, symbolising for the client strength, aliveness, and nobility. We therefore wanted to use this symbol in the site in other ways but with great care not to overwhelm the design with overused or obvious images; instead bringing in the sense of horses through cleverly used hints of its back or shape.

To make the design future-proof and enticing, we choose images of abstracted architectural lines and shapes that are vivid and intriguing, the tones and lines creating a feeling of openness, modernity, movement, and depth, which we feel encapsulates Aditum Advisory’s way of working and approach. The beautiful deep green we found also had the depth of tradition but with modernity and movement.

Outcome: We’re really pleased with this site. It has a gorgeous flow to it, and straddles that potentially mismatched space of rich and traditional with modern and light.  There is a great ease of movement for the user, and can be extended as a design over time if needed.