project breakdown

Client brief: Adventure Cafe wanted an original look for their specialist adventure challenge experiences based on their green and orange colour scheme. The site needed to funnel customers seemlessly along a variety of pathways and through numerous outcomes at the back-end, while being easy to navigate at the front-end. And with a vertical menu system.

Our work: We started by extensively mapping out all of the possible user pathways so that the user experience would be clearly directed, clean, and easy. All challenge information was broken down by difficulty, duration, age restriction, and various sub-categories including location and challenge type. The site was then built to display all of the relevant information to the user quickly and easily through iconography and graphics.

Outcome: Adventure Cafe's site has numerous search capabilities that allow users to find what they want in a few clicks. The design sits on an ever-changing background, with strong imagery and an inviting visual palate. 

See the live site at

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