project breakdown

Client brief: Next Step Now approached us with a completed logo and colour palate, needing a site with extensive functionality: events information and booking, podcast, blog page, newsletter subscription, initial consultations bookings, and a way for them to privately share documents and audio recordings with individual clients.

Our work: We helped NSN, who were offering their services for the first time, to work out who their audience is and how to communicate what they offer, especially through their written content and UX (user experience). We created an engaging and robust site that at the back-end has many cool toys, including event and individual consultation booking systems and podcast uploads. We also built a client area that would give each client a secure personal login area, taking them through to their own page, where NSN could upload any document types or audio files.

Outcome: We created a robust and clever site with a huge amount of back-end functionality with a design based around their logo and colour palette.