project breakdown

Client brief: David wanted to re-brand his coaching and mentoring practice, from logo through to finished site.

Our work: Having gotten to know David and his work, we wanted to create a site that was truly different from most coaching and mentoring sites. Not only is it a crowded marketplace, but David’s work goes much deeper than life or business coaching. Since David's natural demeanor is direct and strong, we looked to balance his words with softer images. 

His site lent itself to a one-page scrolling style using various parallax backgrounds and subtle animated movements, creating a site that flows pleasingly and seamlessly guides the user through. The colour palette, with its rich reds and greens resting on an earthy base colour, was used from logo to the entire site. The design has a modern, clean feel, balances David's personality with softness, and keeps the site gender neutral so that he didn't alienate either male or female clients.

Because David is in a continual process of defining what his work is we designed a site for him that would keep the complex design intact, since there was a extensive amount of coding, but that he could easily edit.

David was something of a dream client, allowing us free rein to follow our gut instinct on design and tone of voice from logo to completion, listening to our suggestions, and allowing us to take his branding in the direction we saw would best represent him and his work.

Outcome: Purpose In Action has a site that is very different from anything we've ever seen. It's not only beautiful and inviting, but is soft and bold at the same time. It showcases exactly who he is and what his work is, as well as allowing him to take full ownership of site administration.

Please note: David's main work focus has changed and he has removed his site for the time being, so unfortunately we cannot link through to the live site.

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